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  • A Deconstruction Reading List
    I would like this book list to correspond to a sort of roadmap, a progression from, say, a mainline Christian to a full-blown ethical progressive atheist and humanist, who has a sure foundation for morality apart from religion. I’m not all the way there yet, as I have some books on my “to-read” list that… Read more: A Deconstruction Reading List
  • Owning your Accomplishments
    I don’t talk about it much, especially as time has passed and I’ve moved on with my life, but 25 years ago I was in a band. We recorded a demo, and then the lead singer signed a record contract. We changed our name and re-recorded the demo material along with some new songs for… Read more: Owning your Accomplishments
  • Annihilationism and Your Pet Cat
    I was a Calvinist before I became an atheist. I was very Calvinist, in fact. It got to the point where I had eventually achieved such a robust Reformation theology that I accepted the idea that God could actually choose to send me to hell for eternity. I figured if it were to happen, it… Read more: Annihilationism and Your Pet Cat
  • When I was an Agnostic
    I am an agnostic Jesus-follower. That is, science and reason tell me that Yahweh, even if he existed, was a murderous tyrant, and so if Christians teach that Jesus was the son of Yahweh, or that Jesus believed he was doing the will of Yahweh,  or that Yahweh raised Jesus from the dead, that these claims must be false.
  • Theodicy, Slavery, and CSA
    Since I began deconstructing my faith 10-12 years ago, I have been keeping notes in Evernote with various tags (later Notion, as I had to abandon Evernote due to its constantly-increasing fees and restrictions). I even made a Mind Map of all the points I had developed. Two of the the several organizing points were… Read more: Theodicy, Slavery, and CSA


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